Bright-eyed and often blonde-haired Paleblu, aka Ryan Gonsalves, is a 24-year old musician, DJ & broadcaster born and raised in London's East End. Having been actively involved in the capital’s music scene for the best part of a decade, he cut his teeth into MCing at various warehouse parties and venues including Printworks and Fabric.

He worked hard at his craft and quickly racked up performance credits for a plethora of labels & promoters by the age of 21 - including Ram Records and Hospital Records. Early releases ‘Run’ and ‘Illusions’ showcased his production abilities, and showed off another string to this up-and-comers’ bow. In 2020 he collaborated with friend & confidant Luke Glazsher for ‘The Catch’ which marked a return to his humble vocal beginnings. This was followed by the release of the angst-fuelled solo single ‘Mayhem’ and its accompanying music video in April 2021. This release marked the start of a new direction and garnered airplay on both BBC Radio 1 and BBC Radio London. The softer-edged sibling ‘Might Attach’ came just four months later and continued to build on the stylings of its predecessor, coupled with another slick video.

Blurring the lines between electronic and acoustic music remains a key aim for this young musician, and he takes pride in being able to perform his growing catalogue with a 4-piece live band. This fiercely independent, DIY attitude is both admirable and infectious, and will certainly leave you feeling far from pale or blue!